How Do I Schedule?

Contact me and we will work out a date and time that works for everyone.

Do You Have A Studio?

I rent Studio space as needed. This allows me to keep prices reasonable, and I can provide services anywhere in the country. The down side is that once I schedule, I can’t recover the studio fees. See my cancellation policy.

Will You Do Location Photography?

Of course! I am equipped to do studio, outdoor, and location photography.

Do We Get All Of The Images?

A specific number of images are included with the session that you chose and are discounted if you purchase them up front. Additional retouched images are available after the session for an additional $80 per image. The number of images you can choose from depends on the session time. For each hour of session time, you will get around 12-18 proof images to choose from. The proofs will have a nominal amount of retouch to clean them up and water mark across the image. The proof images will be uploaded to a private, password protected site for 30 days. The proof images are copyrighted, not fully retouched and therefore may not be used for social media, websites, printing, or any other uses. If you have completed a “sexy” session and prefer not to have your photos uploaded to the proofing site, we can arrange a zoom or in person meeting to select your images.

What Is A Fashion Session?

When we talk about fashion, we are talking about the fashion photographs of the 80’s and 90’s not the high fashion stuff seen in some magazines. Our fashion sessions are done with simple outfits, simple background, and professional lighting. Simple white shirts, black shirts, plush sweaters, trench coats, pea coats, white or black tees all work well. For the bottom, jeans always work well and provide a casual feel to the images. You can really wear anything you prefer, you control how, conservative, or sassy you want your photos to be.

For our clients under 18, jeans or jean shorts, work the best for the white shirt sessions, otherwise any simple outfit will work. Try to stay away from prints, stripes, etc. Keeping it simple preserves the feel of the images.

What If I Want Something Sexy?

The button up black or white shirt, trench coats, pea coats, and sweaters all work great for a sassy fashion session. It allows us to focus on the subjects face and expressions. It also allows the subject to be as conservative or sassy as she chooses to be. Because the outfit usually has buttons, you control how much of your body you wish to show. You can wear what ever you like under the outfit as well, so you are totally in charge of what you want your images to look like. My style is more fashion than boudoir, meaning I concentrate more on expression and eyes than body parts. Fashion is sexy to both women and men, boudoir and lingerie are usually for men only. If you want to make your photos for a special man in your life, wear his shirt or tie.

What About Hair And Make-Up

I can recommend qualified professional hair and make-up artists. If you have a professional that you prefer to work with, by all means use the person that you are comfortable with. If you are going to have hair and make-up done at the studio make sure you add an additional hour of studio time for your session!

If you prefer to do your own make-up and hair, that works as well. I can answer any questions you may have after you book your session,

Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely, whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must be present for the session.

Can I Get Prints Or Products?

Of course! We can arrange prints, paintings, albums, framing, and many other products available from one of our professional labs. If you want prints or products we offer them at pretty reasonable cost. We would rather make a bit less money and have a happy client. Our pro labs are always going to provide better quality than any of the big box stores or pharmacies. Although the finished images are yours to do what you wish, we highly recommend letting us do you prints and products.

What Is You Cancellation Or Rescheduling Policy?

If you have scheduled a studio session, I can refund 80% of the session fee if cancelled or rescheduled 72 hours in advance. If it is less than 72 hours I can only refund 80% of the session fee less the studio rental fees as they are non-refundable.

If you have scheduled an outdoor or location session and there are no associated fees, I can refund 90% of your session fee. If there are non refundable location fees, I will refund 90% less the cost of the fees. There is no charge for rescheduling 72 hours in advance.

It is important to make sure you can make your scheduled appointment.

What If I Don’t Like My Photos?

Hasn’t happened yet, but just in case it does I will reshoot the photos and do my best to fix whatever you were not happy with. You may be asked to pay additional studio fees if the problem was not the fault of the photographer, for example hair or makeup.