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Ken Avery Photographer - Gracie
Ken Avery Photographer – Gracie

So this is totally different than most other senior picture photographers and may not be for everybody. We are creating fashion inspired images specifically to train other photographers. This is modeling and not a complete senior picture session. You are free to use the images we create as your senior pictures, or you are free to get your senior session done by another photographer. I can recommend several good local photographers.

I end up needing high school senior models as part of preparing my educational material and video for training senior photographers. All models must sign a photo release as I use the images in my educational programs, material, videos, and on my website. Models under 18 years of age must have a parent present while we shoot, and the parent must sign the photo release. I work on a time for photos basis with all of my senior models. We shoot for a few hours. A couple of weeks later I will have an online gallery built where you can choose which high resolution images you would like for yourself. How many can you choose? It depends, but normally somewhere between 10 and 15 images. It depends on how the day/shoot goes. Sometimes it goes fast and we produce a bunch of great images, sometimes it goes slower and we don’t get as many images.

The upside… You get killer pictures for FREE and have fun being a model for a day. The bad news… I can’t use everyone, and I don’t need a lot of models. Because this is modeling and not a senior picture session, I can use juniors, seniors, and up to a year post grad.

If you are interested in shooting with me, please fill out the form below. Make sure you include a full length photo, and/or a link to Facebook or Instagram where I can see your photos. You can apply even if you have already had or plan to have your senior pictures done by a different photographer. If you are a senior model for a different photographer, you will need to check with them to see if shooting with me would be a problem. Many photographers have model contracts that prevent you from working with another photographer, check to be sure before signing up!!

We choose models for lots of different reasons. We may be doing a video on working with light colored hair in full sun, of dark colored hair on a dark background. We may be doing a video on working with short or tall subjects, round face versus thin faces. The point is that not everyone will fit the work that we may be producing. If we are looking for something specific, we will put a casting call up on Instagram follow (kenaveryphotographer for casting calls) and will send messages to anyone that has filled out the form.

Before we shoot we will work out things like outfits, stuff to bring, where to shoot, and what I will be using the images for. I will send a mood board that will help with outfit selections, hair, etc. As most photographers shoot outdoors now, most of the shoots will be outdoors, actual locations will vary, but if you have a favorite, we can probably work it in. IF YOU HAVE A UNIQUE IDEA OR LOCATION YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AT BEING CHOSEN AS A MODEL!!! Make sure to fill in the box on the form with your idea or location! Thanks!!